Available in a variety of materials including granite, ceramic tile, corian, and laminate.


Are you dreaming of kitchen and bathroom countertops?

If you are looking for new kitchen counter tops, look no further than AG Kitchen & Bathrooms! Our designers will guide you through the process of selecting a countertop that meets your needs for style and function, and even help pair it with a granite or tiled backsplash. Ultimately, the countertop and backsplash should work together and complement each other.

Our kitchen designers will help you identify what matters most to you – a certain look or easy maintenance? Do you rarely cook, cook on occasion or do you consider yourself a chef? Consider your needs - and your budget - before choosing a material for your new kitchen counter.

There are several popular material options to consider:

  • Granite Countertops

    The go-to countertop material for its natural beauty and durability.

Luxurious and durable, easy to clean, resistant to heat and scratches.

Granite is the natural stone most often used to make kitchen counters and at AG this is our forte! Along with a wide selection colors, hue and tones, granite is also resistant to heat and shock. Many designers are choosing granite due to its upscale and multi-dimensional look. Your kitchen will be ever-changing as granite countertops take on different appearances at differing angles and times of the day.

We also feature custom, built-in stone kitchen sinks to accent your countertop. From over-sized "farm" sinks to standard double 60/40 sinks; our granite stone sinks are a one of a kind and look elegant and contemporary. Your neighbors will be envious of your chef-inspired kitchen!

  • Laminate Countertops

Laminate is popular for its affordability and huge selection of colors and styles. Laminate can have the appearance of more costly materials like marble or granite but is economical and easy to install.

Choose from variety of laminate colors and styles.

Countertops resistant to heat, shocks, stains

Corian is the best-known brand name of the so-called solid surface, or solid plastic, countertop materials. It is composed of minerals, polyester and acrylic and comes in a huge selection of colors and styles. Corian is very durable and is colored through the entire depth of the counter. Corian is resistant to heat, shocks, stains can be custom-molded to eliminate seams and to integrate under-mount sink, for one continuous surface.

  • Ceramic Tile Countertops

Durable and versatile countertops

Some savvy homeowners are choosing ceramic tiles for their countertops which are durable and versatile. With a variety of colors, styles and sizes, tile allows you to get creative with your kitchen décor since it can be coordinated to match almost any theme or style. Another bonus is that ceramic tile is highly resistant to heat and wear.

  • Wood Countertops

    Available in Maple, Cherry,Oak, Mahogany and Walnut.

The countertop that adds warmth to a kitchen.

Wood is another countertop option that adds warmth to a kitchen; it is decorative and goes well with other contemporary materials such as glass or stone. The wood used is usually maple, but also an option is richer woods too, like cherry, oak, mahogany or walnut. Wood countertops take extra attention and care.