Showers & Tubs

We offer many styles of tubs from free standing, drop-in, Jacuzzi tubs and air tubs.


Your new tub & shower should coordinate with your sink and plumbing fixtures; each piece works as a team and functions together.

AG has a wide variety of tub and shower options to transform your bathroom into an oasis. Whether you choose a bathtub, shower, tub-shower combination or a revitalizing whirlpool you will find a wide range of options. We recommend that you don’t scrimp on costs when selecting a tub; it is accent features that can easily be the bathroom’s focal point. Our tubs range from free standing, drop in, Jacuzzi tubs and air tubs.

Whirlpool/Jacuzzi-style tubs add an element of luxury to the bathroom with relaxing air, jet or dual massage options. For those with less mobility, we offer the walk-in tub option. In addition, we carry bath and shower safety products such as grab bars, shower chairs and bath tread strips.

Without a tub to dictate the footprint, a shower stall can be designed to fit almost any configuration. AG offers many different types of showers: open showers, stream showers, wet area shower designs and shower enclosed designs. Your shower can be constructed of porcelain tile, travertine, marble or granite. When designing your shower, AG considers maintenance factors as well as the overall appearance.

  • Showers - fiberglass, glass and tile

Many people like their bathrooms to have a luxurious spa-like quality that feels clean, bright and spacious. Choosing the right shower for a bathroom remodel can make or break a remodeling project, so homeowners should spend some extra time considering the best shower remodel options. There are three main varieties of showers — fiberglass, glass and tile. All three come with advantages and disadvantages to consider, given your home and your lifestyle.

A fiberglass shower is by far the most universal option since it is easy to install and to clean. Compared to tile or glass, fiberglass baths and showers usually cost less money. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Unlike tile or glass, fiberglass showers are far less prone to mold and mildew problems, soap scum buildup, or hard water stains.

Glass showers — usually combined with other materials as well — make a shower space feel more open and bright. They look more expensive than fiberglass and lend a spa-like quality to your bath area. Homeowners can customize glass shower doors and enclosures to their specific bathroom spaces and get more creative with shower shapes, sizes and construction, or even consider an open shower by using glass.

Tile showers make a statement. Tile is endlessly customizable to any decor or shape. It comes in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials and brings a depth and luxury to any bathroom.

AG invites you to come see us; we will help design a new bathroom that will have you singing in the shower!