Bathroom Sinks

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When selecting a new sink, there are many exciting options from which to choose.

Sinks come in many shapes and sizes, including square, oval and even rectangular. The composition of the sink can also be an important factor; for example, some innovative customers like a glass sink that can be illuminated at night, while others seek a solid porcelain sink that can skew in style from modern to tradition.

Everyday your bathroom sink is assaulted by the daily routine, from make-up, soap, shaving products, etc. AG showcases a variety of sinks designed with daily life in mind. They come in a variety of materials shape and sizes and some even feature a mold, mildew and grime inhibiting surface, so they stand up to daily use and stay cleaner, longer.

Since they take up so much room in such a small space, bathroom vanities and sink consoles are often the focal point of the bathroom. Whether your space is big or small, used daily or only occasionally, you’ll want to put some thought into your bathroom sink and pick one that best complements your space.

  • Bathroom Sink Styles

    Match just about any color in your kitchen

Most designers agree, the sink is the focal point of your bathroom and should mesh with your lifestyle and be easy to clean, maintain and supportive of your daily activities. The main distinction among todays’ bath sinks is how and where they’re mounted. Here are the top options:

Countertop is the most common installation, with the sink sitting in or on a countertop, typically as part of a vanity unit with cabinetry. Countertop sinks generally offer good storage and elbow room, as there is usually a sizable surface around the basin and cabinetry.

A pedestal sink consists of a basin atop a tall, slender base. It’s often considered a vintage look, but there are contemporary versions, too. Pedestal sinks work well in powder rooms and small baths where counter space or storage isn’t a priority.

Often found in commercial and institutional settings, wall-mount sinks work in home baths, too. They hang from the wall at a comfortable height and are open below - the drainpipe and water supply lines are exposed. Wall-mount sinks are affordable, work well in small baths, and create a clean, open look. However, with the plumbing visible underneath, it calls for an attractive pipe finish, such as polished chrome.

A popular variation of the wall-mount sink is the console sink, which resembles a traditional console table found in an entry or hallway. A console sink is basically a wall-mount sink with legs - usually two but sometimes four. Some console sinks offer generous counter space and open shelving below.

Our experienced designers will show you the options and help you choose the best sink for your bathroom. Ace Home Remodeling boasts more than 12 years’ experience in Central Florida and we take great pride in staying on top of all new design trends.